Use this screen to manage your vehicles. A list of all the vehicles you have entered in Express Accounts is displayed here. To open the Vehicle list, click the View menu and select Vehicle List.

You can view all the mileage records for a vehicle in this list by selecting a vehicle, clicking the Vehicle menu, then selecting View Trips (you can also right-click a vehicle and select View trips for selected vehicle). This will open the Vehicle Mileage List window filled with only the mileage records for the selected vehicle.

Select (if available)

Click the Select button to select a vehicle for mileage records.


Click the Add button on the toolbar to create a new vehicle.


To delete a vehicle, select the vehicle(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click the Delete button on the toolbar. Deleting a vehicle with associated mileage records will ask if you want to delete the mileage records as well.


Click the Edit button on the toolbar to edit the currently selected vehicle. You can only edit one vehicle at a time.