The Web Access tab of the Options dialog lets you configure settings for the Express Accounts Web Interface. The web interface works by having Express Accounts run as a mini web server.

To set up the web interface, you must first make sure the server is online. Bring it online by selecting either of the following checkboxes:

Next, specify a username and password to use as your logon details (this is done from the Web Access tab of the Options dialog). Next, specify what port on which you would like the web interface to run by clicking the Configure button next to Local Network and Public Network links. The default port is 96, and we recommend that if you change it then you do not use port 80, because that port is often used by other web servers.

To access the web interface from the Express Accounts computer, the easiest way is just to click on one of the hyperlinks shown in the dialog window - both links point to the same URL. Alternatively, type "http://localhost:[port]" into your web browser, where "[port]" is the port number you specified in the dialog. If you want to access the web interface from elsewhere on your LAN, or from the Internet, use the following formatting when typing the URL into your web browser:

You need to make sure your firewall is not blocking the port number you have specified. Refer to your firewall settings to check the correct UDP port is opened.

Speak to your network administrator about any networking problems you have. They can usually fix routing or firewall problems. You can also refer to for more information on networking problems and solutions.