Local Access - Access your data from inside your local network.

Select this option if you will only be accessing Express Accounts from the same network, not from remote locations over the internet. Not that you will still use a browser to access Express Accounts using this option.

Public Access - Access data from anywhere using a web browser.

Select this option if you need to access Express Accounts from computers or devices in remote locations or that aren't on the same network.

Cloud Access - An easy but slower alternative to the Public access option.

Select this option if you are having difficulty configuring Public Access. Cloud Access may be slower than the other options, but will require much less effort on your part to set up.

Access Status

The Access Status displays any errors associated with your connection type, or will notify you if you are configured properly for Web Access. If you see errors, the status should provide hints for fixing the errors. Ask your network administrator for help configuring your system.