Customer Name:

Enter the business name of the customer.

Contact Person:

Enter the full name of the person you deal with.

Contact First Name:

This is the first name of the person you deal with or the way you address them.


Enter the customer billing address. If the customer has a different shipping address you can enter that on the Other tab.

Use mailing address as shipping address

Check this box to use the customer's billing address as their shipping address.

VAT registration number:

Customer's VAT registration number

Phone (primary):

Enter the customer's primary phone number.

Phone (alternative):

Enter the customer's alternate phone number.


Enter the customer's fax number.


This email address is the one used for sending invoices by email if email is the preferred method.

Additional Printed Info:

Enter any additional information to be printed on invoices, such as ABN.

This customer is active

Check this box to show that this customer is currently active.