Shipping Address:

If the customer's preferred shipping address is different from the billing address, then enter it here. If the shipping address is the same as the billing address, click the 'Use mailing address as billing address' checkbox on the Customer page.

Prefers Invoices by:

Select the method which will be used by Express Invoice to send invoices to this customer when generating new recurring invoices.

Set tax exempt for this customer

Check this if you wish to not apply taxes on any transaction for this customer.

Payment Terms:

Select the terms of payment which will appear by default on an invoice created for this customer.


This is the name of the salesperson who will be selected by default when an invoice is created for this customer.

Customer Notes:

These notes are for internal use only. They can be used for example to indicate customer history or special terms.

Customer Group:

Select the group which this customer belongs to. To manage customer groups, use the button to the right of the Customer Group field.