Express Invoice allows you to customize invoices to suit the needs of your business. You will be able to change certain labels, include foot notes to your customers, and add your business logo, add color and borders, among other options.

To change the way an invoice looks and the content it contains, there are three settings pages that allow you to control the layout, content, and style of your invoices. Click the Options icon in the main toolbar, and you'll see sidebar links for the Page Layout, Invoice Styles, and Invoice pages:

Page Layout

The Page Layout page is where you specify settings that affect how the invoice will appear on the page, including paper size, margins, and if you need to position the billing and shipping address for windowed envelopes.

For more information on the Page Layout page, see the Options~Page Layout topic in this manual.

Invoice Styles

The Invoice Styles page is where you can add color, adjust the font and font size, add borders, and adjust the placement of certain blocks of text around the invoice. There are also invoice templates you can select from, or completely customize your own invoice.

For more information about the Invoice Styles page, see the Options~Invoice Styles topic in this manual.


The Invoice page is where you should look if you want to change the wording on the invoice. For example, if you want the Quantity heading in the items list to say Hours, you would change it here.

This page also allows you to control whether certain headings show, if Paid or Overdue watermarks are printed, whether you want include a remittance slip with the invoice, and many other options.

For more information about the Invoice page, see the Options~Invoice topic in this manual.

Add a Business Logo to Invoices

You can add your company's business logo to quotes, sales orders, invoices, and reports you print or save as pdf. To add a logo, click the Options icon in the main toolbar, and click on Business Tab. Logo Image File field, click the browse button [...], browse to your image file location (the file must be in jpg/bmp/gif format), and open it. In the Logo Height field, enter the height, in inches, you would like the invoice to appear on your invoices, and the logo will be adjusted according to the appropriate aspect ratio to fit. Note that any resizing should be done only from larger size to smaller size to avoid distortion of your logo.

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