The Invoice Customize page of the Options dialog is where you can change the page style, based on your template, that suits your business. Use this page to add decorative elements such as borders, lines and color to create the invoice look you need.


The borders section allows you to place a border around your entire invoice, or to add lines to distinguish the upper and lower sections of your invoice.

None This option does not create a border.

Border The options here allow you to apply borders with thick or thin lines, single or double, in either of the colors you selected in the above Colors section.

Header and Footer The Header and Footer options allow you to style the top and bottom of your invoice separately if you do not what a border around the entire invoice. The selections for Header and Footer allow you to apply thick or thin lines, single or double, in either of the colors you selected in the above Colors section.

Header style appears above all text

Check this option if you want the lines in the header to appear above any text on the top line of the invoice. When it is unchecked, the top line will be in line with the top text of the invoice, which gives another design option.


The text block accents section is where you can add a border, color block, or lines around specific areas of text on your invoice.

Use global text block accents

Selecting this option will apply the same text accents to each text section on the invoice.

Set accents for each text block

Select this option to apply different accents to individual text blocks. The sections are:


Color 1 and Color 2

Click one of the color buttons to change the color scheme for the invoice. Many of the style settings refer to the colors selected here.

When the Color dialog opens, select from one of the basic colors, or for more advanced options, click the Define Custom Colors button. In the expanded area, you can either select from an expansive color palette, or enter an RGB code. When you have chosen your custom color, click the Add to Custom Colors button and click OK to apply the color selection to the invoice.

Items List

Shade every other line on the item list

Check this box if you would like every other line in the invoice list to be shaded, providing for increased readability when mulitple items are present in the list.

Preview Template

Click the Preview Template button to save your current settings and view your invoice template.