Use this screen to manage your items. You can open the Items list from the main screen, click the View button on the toolbar and select Items. Here, you will see a list of all the items that have been entered into Express Invoice.

Toolbar buttons


Click this button to add a new item record.


To delete item records, select the items you wish to remove from the list, and click this button.


Click this button to edit the currently selected item record.

Print to

Click this button to print the currently selected item record.

Item menu

In addition to the options on the toolbar, the Item menu also includes options for the following:

Find Item

Select this option to open the Find Item window. From here, enter the item name you want to search for to locate it in the list.

Find Next Item

Select this option to find the next item in the list with the last term searched for, or use the shortcut F3 to locate the next item in the list.

Import Items from CSV

To import items into Express Invoice from a CSV list, select this option.

Import Items from other Business

To import items from another Express Invoice business, select this option.