Express Invoice handles a business dealing with multiple currencies as a different business for each currency. For example, you could create one "business" called YourCompany - USD, and another called YourCompany - Euro. Each could handle sales tax, VAT separately and you can print reports entirely separately for the US dollar account or the EURO account. Each account, however, must be set up separately with it's own customers, contact details, invoices etc.

To add a new currency to the business: from the menu select Invoice -> Multiple Businesses. Then click Add. After you click Add, the Startup Wizard will run. Fill out the fields in the Startup Wizard the same as you did for your business originally. It is recommended the name you use for the new business currency is something logical like YourCompany - USD; relating to the currency the business represents. When the wizard is complete, specify the currency by clicking the Options icon from the toolbar in the main screen, then click the Regional tab. From here, you can enter the currency symbol, name, and other settings relating to the new currency. Remember, as you use the new currency business to treat it as an entirely new business.