Use this screen to manage your recurring invoices. Here you will see a list of all the recurring invoices which Express Invoice has created.


Click this button to create a new recurring invoice.


To delete recurring invoices, select the recurring invoice(s) you wish to remove from the list, and click this button.


Click this button to edit the currently selected recurring invoice. This only applies to one recurring invoice at a time.


Click this button to view or change the schedule for the selected recurring invoice.


Click this button to see how the recurring invoice will appear when printed, saved as a PDF document, or emailed to a customer.

Show Log

Select this option to display all activity associated with the selected invoice in the list. It will display information whether an invoice was emailed, printed or faxed successfully.

Find Recurring Invoice

Select this option to open the Find Recurring Invoice window. From here, enter the invoice name you want to search for to locate it in the list.

Find Next Recurring Invoice

Select this option to find the next invoice in the list with the last term searched for, or use the shortcut F3 to locate the next invoice in the list.


Click this button to generate all currently due invoices for the selected recurring invoice, according to its schedule.