Use this screen to manage your salespeople. Here you will see a list of all the salespeople which Express Invoice is aware of.


Click this button to add a new salesperson record.


To delete salesperson records, select the salesperson you wish to remove from the list, and click this button.


Click this button to edit the currently selected salesperson record.

Find Salesperson

Use this dialog box to search for a desired Salesperson in the list. You can search by name.

Find Next Salesperson

The commands Find Salesperson and Find Next Salesperson work together. The Option to use Find Next Salesperson appears after you use Find Salesperson. Find Next Salesperson Will find the next Salesperson with the same search criteria you entered in Find Salesperson.

When using Find Next Salesperson, after you have scrolled through all Salespeople with matching search criteria from Find Salesperson, A pop-up window will notify that "No more salesperson matching '(SEARCH CRITERIA)' could be found."

Note: If you delete the search criteria from the text box in Find Salesperson and click OK, a pop-up window will notify "No matching '' could be found.". The Find Next Salesperson function will now be grayed out and unselectable. The Find Next Salesperson function will be available again after you use Find Salesperson.