The Statement dialog is used to set the text that appears on Customer and Supplier Statements, and the way some texts are laid out. You can preview any changes you make by clicking Preview Statement at the bottom of the Statement dialog. To access the Statements Options dialog, click the Options icon on the toolbar, and click the Statements tab.

Automatic Statements

Customer statements can be automatically printed or sent at the end of each month. The statements can be sent to customers who have any amount due or customers who are overdue, depending on the option you select.

Send To

All Customers

Select this option to send automated statements to all customers with outstanding balance.

Overdue Customers

Select this option to send automated statements to customers with overdue invoices only.

Email every (days)

Enter the number of days in between sending statements or invoices.


Select whether to send statements, overdue invoices, or both to customers.

Ignore amounts under

This option helps avoid sending statements to customers who owe just a few dollars.

Statement Text Items

This is the text that will be printed on statements. Select a title or heading from the drop menu, then alter the text for that item in the field to the right.


Text entered here will appear at the bottom of the statement printout. Choose an alignment and font size for the text.

Preview Statement

Click this button to save your settings and preview what the statement will look like.