The Tax Rate dialog is where new tax rate details for invoice computation can be entered, or existing tax rate details can be edited. Access the Tax Rate dialog by opening the Options dialog, click the Tax tab, and click Add to create a new tax rate, or select an existing tax rate and click Edit to edit tax rate details.

Tax Name:

Enter the tax name. This is used for display purposes.

Simple Tax Rate (%):

This is the rate to be used for invoice computations.

Combined Tax Rate:

Select this option to apply multiple tax rates for invoice computations.

Compounding so rate 2 is applied after rate 1

This option applies the rates sequentially, so that the second rate applies to the taxed subtotal. If this box is left unchecked, the tax rates are both applied to the pre-tax subtotal.

Show zero percent

Enable this checkbox to print zero percent tax rates. Applicable in EU and UK only.