You can view which customers are overdue on payments at any time from several areas:

Customer List

Access the Customer List by clicking Open Customer List from the left sidebar in the main screen. You'll see a list of all customers in this list. The third column displays the due date of the oldest outstanding balance for each customer. Clicking the Due Date heading will rearrange the Customer List by invoice due date.

Unpaid Accounts Report

Access the Unpaid Accounts Report by clicking Unpaid Accounts under Reports in the middle of the main screen. Select to sort the report by customer, balance, due date, last invoice balance, or salesperson. The report that appears shows only those customers with outstanding balances.

Aging Accounts Report

Access the Aging Accounts Report by clicking the Reports button in the toolbar and selecting Aging Accounts. Select to sort the report by customer, or by days accounts are due by. You can also select whether the report appears in ascending or descending order, and whether you want to view all customers or just a select few.

Send Automatic Statements

You can use Express Invoice to send automatic statements to customers to remind them of their balances. To do this, click the Options button from the main toolbar, and click the General link in the sidebar. In the Automatic Statements section you can select to send automatic statements to every customer with an outstanding balance or just to customers who are overdue, and set a minimum amount a statement is sent for.