You can run Express Rip from the Windows command line. Any or all options can be used and repeated as needed. No prompts occur when using command line options. Rip settings and other such options will default to the last used setting. The following options are available:

-rip Rip all tracks to the output folder.

-drive Select the drive letter (e.g., D) to rip from.

-hide Hides Express Rip.

-show Reveals the Express Rip window.

-outputfolder Folder to rip the tracks to

-separatetracks Rip each selected track separately

-onetrack Rip all selected tracks as one file

-exit Exit Express Rip

For the Unified NCH API

-gettrackcount Returns a count of audio tracks on the CD

-getalbumname Returns the name of the album

-getartistname Returns the artist name

-gettrackname Returns the trackname