You can open the Program Options Dialog Box by clicking the "Options" button or by selecting File -> Options from the menu.

Online Album Database

The option 'Access cddb Internet Server for Album Details' will use your Internet connection to access Album and Track name details from the cddb online database. The audio track list will be automatically updated with the retrieved names.

If you have selected the cddb Internet lookup option, the Filename Format radio buttons allow you to select the naming format of the output files. You can choose between using the following formats:

  1. Artist - TrackName.ext
  2. Album - Artist - TrackName.ext
  3. Custom Setup (Express Rip Plus feature only) (see below)

The Custom Setup is an advanced setting that allows you to decide how the output files will be stored on your computer. This involves the writing of a string of characters that denote information related to the audio CD. An example of how to write a string is as follows:

[%a - %b - %g]\{%n. %t - %y}

This will extract your audio CD tracks to a folder named "Artist - Album - Genre", with filenames structured as "Tracknumber. Trackname - Year".

All the arguments that can be used to form the custom string are as follows:

Note that you can have multiple levels of folders set up, but you are only allowed to have one filename specified in the string.

File Overwrite Options

Select the course of action to take when the destination file exists while converting files. The options are:

Note that "Prompt me for what to do" will prompt only once every time the ripping process is started. Whatever decision is made at the prompt will be applied to subsequent files.

Other Options

ID3 tag information may be added to the internal file information of ripped mp3 files.

Show a complete dialog after ripping complete. You have the options of 'Eject CD' and 'Open the output folder'.

You may select if the CD is ejected after ripping is complete to make it easier to rip another CD.

After ripping is complete, this option will display a dialog confirming the rip is complete.

If required, the CD can be ripped as a single track rather than multiple tracks.

You may add a short silence to the start of the track to reduce 'popping' artifacts on some mp3 players.