By setting up the email monitor options in the system configuration and by configuring the employee's email client for FlexiServer, you can monitor a user's email history.

How to set up Email monitoring

  1. The administrator should begin by opening up the System Configuration page. Log in to the web interface and click the 'Change system configuration' link in the 'Administrator Settings' section. Click the 'Monitoring' tab on the 'System configuration' screen..
  2. Enter the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), e.g.,, and the Incoming Mail Server (POP3), e.g.,, and the ports they use. Note that FlexiServer supports only one POP3 and one SMTP server, so the email monitoring feature works best with a corporate email system where all employees share one email server.
  3. If you entered different ports for SMTP and POP3, make sure the corresponding ports are specified in "The Email clients will connect to Flexi using these ports" section.
  4. Ensure the Enable Email Monitor box is checked.
  5. In the employee's email client, the Outgoing Mail Server and Incoming Mail Servers need to specify FlexiServer. Enter the local address for FlexiServer that was sent in an email to you during the initial program setup, e.g.,
  6. With both the email monitor options and the employee's email client configured, FlexiServer will store the employee's emails for viewing by the assigned managers and/or administrators.

View email reports

From the web interface, click the Email Monitor link under the View activity reports section under the My Staff heading. This opens the Email Monitor page. Select a user from the User drop-menu, specify a date for the report, and click Search to display emails. Select an email to view the following information: