Normally, FlexiStation will keep logging your activities on the computer and calculate your worked hours according to the log. But, sometime, when you were doing field work without logging into the system or you were in a meeting while the system set your status to Idle, you need to manually enter a work hour entry to complete the time sheet, which will make sure your work hours are calculated right.

You can access to this function from FlexiStation or by logging in to FlexiServer web page.

On the manual time sheet entry dialog/page, there are following field need to be filled:


The date you were working (Format: YYYY-MM-DD). Since work hours are calculated daily, if you were working overnight, please enter two separate time sheet entries.

Time Start and End

Enter the start time and end time for this entry.

Work Type

Select either "Working" or "Private" to indicate if you were working on job related things or personal stuff.


Any explanations related to this entry.