To burn a DVD or CD in wav or mp3 format (this disc type will not be playable on a .cda specific CD player), select the Burn file to a Data CD in mp3/wav format option on the Burn Audio dialog, accessed by clicking the Burn Audio button on the toolbar. Click the Settings button next to this option to open the Data CD/DVD Burn Options window. The window contains the following information:

Data CD Type Selection

Here you can choose to burn the disc with Wave, MP3, or both formats. MP3 discs can be played in MP3 CD players, and Wave CDs can be played on your computer.

Pre-Burning Options

Re-encode ALL files: This will re-encode all selected files in the main window in accordance with the settings you specify by clicking the "Format Settings" button.

Only re-encode files not of this format: This will only re-encode files that do not match the file type of the CD that you are making. For example, if you are making an MP3 CD, only selected Wave files will be converted to MP3 (using selected format settings), MP3 files will remain as they are.

Format Settings

Access the file format settings for the specified file type you are burning to CD (Wave or MP3). This audio data will be re-encoded into the new format with these settings.