CD / DVD Burn Settings

This step of the Wizard is where you configure the settings for burning to CD or DVD.

CD/DVD drive

Specify which disc drive you want to use to perform the burn.

Disc label

Specify a label to use for the CD (only available for wave or MP3 data CDs). The maximum label length is approximately 16 characters.

Disc write speed

Specify the speed you would like the selected disc drive to perform the burn. If you are unsure about this, just leave it at [MAX].

Erase rewritable CDs/DVDs prior to burning

Once burning has commenced, if you are using a rewritable disc and it is not blank, it will be first erased before burning is started when this option is checked.

Use overburning

Select this option to squeeze a little bit of extra information onto the CD. Use this option with caution, as you will risk destroying the disc!

Burn file to a Data CD in mp3/wav format

Select this option to burn the files to a data disc, rather than to an audio disc. The difference is that audio discs can frequently only be played on CD players, where as data discs can hold more files and can be played from computers and some CD players.

Erase CD-RW/DVD-RW Now

If the total capacity on the rewritable disc is registering as zero, click this button to erase the disc so you can see how much data you can store on it in total (works for rewritable CD-RW and DVD-RW discs only).

Refresh Disc Information

If you have placed a new disc in the drive, click this button to update the disc capacity data.