The Golden Records interface is where you can do a few things both supplementary and complementary to the Wizard.

Burning Files Direct to CD or DVD

If you have files listed in the main window that you would like to burn directly to an Audio/Wave/MP3 CD or DVD, click either the "Burn Audio" button in the main toolbar, and you will be taken to a window to set up burning options. See the Burning Audio and Data Discs topic of this help manual for more information. All selected files in the window will be burned to CD or DVD using this operation.

Playing Files

To play any audio file in the list, simply left-click on the file and then click the Play button in the toolbar. A window will appear and the file will commence playing.

Settings Configuration

Click the Options button in the toolbar to access the settings for the program. See the Options section of this manual for more information.

Adding ID tags, Editing Files, and Converting to other formats

In Golden Records you have the ability to add ID tags to your files, to edit your files using WavePad, and to convert your files to formats other than wave or MP3 using Switch.

To add tags, right-click on the file and select Edit Tag from the menu that appears. If you want to add tags for multiple files at once, select all the relevant files first, then right-click and select Edit Selected Tags from the menu.

To edit a file, right-click on the file and select Edit File from the menu that appears.

To convert files to other formats, select all the relevant files and select File menu -> Launch -> Switch.

Viewing Logs and Recordings

To view all the log information that you see at the bottom of the main window, click on View menu -> "View Logs...". To view the folder where your recordings are kept, click on View menu -> "View Recordings...".