The Play Window is where you can play a recording and use the audio file splitter if you have multiple tracks joined together in the one file.

To use the File Splitter, simply find the point in the waveform window where you would like your file to be split, and then click Add Cursor Point to add that location into the splitting list. If you need to split the file at multiple locations, simply find all those locations and again click the Add Cursor Point button to split all locations at once.

You can navigate through the waveform using the track-bar and click on the waveform to select a cursor point. By selecting the cursor point from the pull-down list, the cursor updates to that position in the waveform.

Once you have finished locating all the split points in the file, click Split File at Cursor Points in List, and Golden Records will automatically perform the splitting and produce a series of files that will be accessible via the main window file list.