Golden Records requires purchase and registration of a license for each installation of the software. You can view pricing information and purchase via the links on the Golden Records home page at

After buying a license you will receive two emails. The Software Purchase Serial Numbers email contains the license serial number and instructions for using that number to activate your license.

Activate your software license by going to the Activate Software page on the NCH website, located at Enter your serial number and fill out the rest of the form, accept the Terms and Warnings, then click the Activate Software License button to continue. A Registration Code will then be displayed on the next page and will be emailed to you. Keep this information in a safe place in case something happens to your computer and your software.

Enter your Registration Code into the software. From the File menu in Golden Records, select the Register Software option, enter the code and click the Register button to complete.

Note: Please keep a printed copy of your Registration Code in a safe place.

If your code is not accepted...

Check you have entered the Registration code exactly as it appears on the email containing the Registration Code. We recommend you copy and paste the code to avoide entry errors.

If the registration was purchased for a previous version of the software, the Registration Code that you are using may not work with more recent versions of Golden Records. If this is the case you must purchase a software license upgrade at

If you had to reinstall Golden Records (e.g., following the replacement or reformatting of your hard drive), and your license Registration Code has worked previously with the version of the software that you are using, the Registration Code may need to be reset. Contact NCH Registration Support at, and include the full Registration Code as it was sent to you.