Golden Records will attempt to automatically split your recording into individual tracks based on default settings to detect silences between tracks. The Split Recordings page of the Wizard allows you to review how the tracks were split, to join tracks that shouldn’t have been separated, to delete short files with no discernable sounds, to rename files, or to configure the settings used to split the files and attempt to re-split them for better results.


You can play a file by double-clicking it, or click the Play button to play the selected file. Listen to the duration of the file to ensure it ends in the correct place.


If a split was inaccurately placed in the middle of a track, you can join two adjacent files to restore the duration of the original track. After selecting two files, click the Join button to join them into one.


Delete the file(s) you don't want to save.


You can rename a file by first clicking on it in the list and then clicking again, or select it and click the Rename button to edit the file name.


You can re-split your recording if you are not satisfied with the initial result, for instance, if your recording was split too many times, or if splits did not occur where they should have. To do so, you must first make adjustments to the Splitting Parameters (below).

Splitting Parameters

How the files are split is determined by the Splitting Parameters. If your recording did not split correctly, you can make changes to these parameters and attempt to re-split your recording.

Current Noise Floor

Click this button to open the Background Noise Measure window, which is where you can adjust how Golden Records tolerates background noise before determining if a split can be made. If your recording has too many splits in it, the noise floor may be too high. If your recording doesn’t have enough files split, you may want to try increasing the floor measure. See the Background Noise Measure topic in this manual for more information.

Duration at which noise floor must be maintained for a split to occur

This setting lets you set how long the noise floor level must be present in the audio (in seconds) before the software determines that the track has ended. Set this duration a little longer if you are recording from a 78 RPM record (up to 10 seconds), and set it a little shorter if you are recording a 33 RPM at 45 RPM speed.