The Recording Volume Calibration step of the Wizard is where you configure the recording input volume so your recorded audio does not turn out too soft or too loud.

Sound Record Device

Select the sound recording device you want to use from the drop menu.

Sound input channel

The recommended input channel to use is "Line In" since connecting to your Line In on your sound card will produce the best results. If you do not have a Line In channel, you can opt to use "Microphone" instead.

Recording volume level

Set the recording level to an appropriate volume while your record or cassette is playing. You should see the sound from your record or cassette registering on the volume level meter. You will notice that there are indicators under the volume display, indicating the areas of low volume, good volume, and high volume. Try to set the level so that the volume display stays mostly within the "good" volume range.

Volume level detection

This detection mechanism gives you an idea of how good or bad the average volume level of the music is as it is playing into your computer. It will report LOW, GOOD or HIGH depending on the measured volume levels.

If you are unsure how to connect your record or cassette player to your computer, click the "Click here to see the Golden Records audio hardware setup guide" link and you will be taken to a webpage that illustrates what sort of hardware setup configuration you will need.