Choose a custom metronome sound

Check this box if you would like to choose your own metronome sound. Otherwise, MixPad will use the default metronome sound.

Remove silence from custom sound

Check this box if you want MixPad to automatically trim silence found at the beginning of your custom beat sound.

Use the metronome volume slider to control how loud the metronome sound is played when it is enabled.

Pre-roll settings

Only play metronome during record pre-roll

Select this box to have the metronome only make a sound while it is in the pre-roll phase. This can help if you want to be counted into a recording but then would prefer time based on other already recorded tracks.

Enable Pre-roll

Check this box to have the current pre-roll settings apply to your project

Playing Pre-roll (beats):

Configure this value from 0 to 280 to decide how many beats before playback. 0 means start playback immediately.

Recording Pre-roll (beats):

Configure this value between 0 and 280 to decide how many beats to wait before recording. 0 means start recording immediately.


Configure how many subdivisions are between beats. At the end of each subdivision, sub-beat sound will be heard.

Beats Per Bar:

Configure the beats per bar of the project by selecting one entry from this pull down list.