MoneyLine allows you to schedule recurring transactions, such as a paycheck or mortgage. To create a new scheduled transaction, either right - click on a transaction from the transactions list in the main window and select Make a Scheduled Transaction. To edit an existing scheduled transaction, select View Scheduled Transactions from the Manage menu, select a transaction and click the Edit button on the toolbar.


Select the account this scheduled transaction should be applied to.

Transaction Type:

Select the type of transaction entered.


Select or type in the name of the party to whom the transaction is credited.


Enter the amount for this scheduled transaction.


Select the income or expense category to which the transaction is assigned.


Select or enter the income or expense sub-category, if applicable.

Next Date:

Select the next date this transaction should occur.

End Date:

Select when this scheduled transaction should end.

No end date

Check this if the scheduled transaction should occur indefinitely.



Select this to choose an interval period for the transactions to occur.

Occurs once a month on

Select this to choose a specific day of the month for transactions to occur, then choose the day of the month from the drop menu.

Remind me before this transaction occurs

Select this to receive an alert that a transaction is about to occur.