This dialog allows you to change the password required to access MoneyLine. You can change your password by opening the Security tab of the Options window, and clicking the Change Your Password button.


Current Password:

Enter your current password. If you are setting up your password for the first time, this field will be disabled.

New Password:

Enter the password you want to use to access MoneyLine.

Confirm New Password:

Re-enter your new password. The password entered in this field must match the password entered in the New Password field.

Password Hint:

Enter a hint that will be displayed if you enter the incorrect password.

Recovery Email Address:

Enter the email address you would like your password recovery email to be sent to.

Send a test email

Check this box to send a test email to your account, to make sure MoneyLine is configured for sending emails. If you are having difficulty with the email settings, see the article Problems when sending email.