When you receive a statement from your financial institution, you can reconcile the transactions that you have entered into MoneyLine with that statement by selecting Reconcile Account from the Accounts menu. Enter the date and the closing balance from the statement you received and click OK.

The reconcile window will show the date of your last reconcile and the balance as the opening balance and date. Below that is the balance of the transactions from this statement that have been reconciled, followed by the closing balance entered from your financial institution's statement, and any difference between the values of your opening balance and your closing balance.

The bottom of the window will show all of your unreconciled entries for the current statement period. If you need to reconcile transactions from other periods with this statement click the checkbox at the top-right to show all unreconciled transactions. Check off transactions that have cleared from your statement in the R column in order to reconcile your account. If you find that you have made a mistake entering transactions, you can edit the amounts directly from the list by clicking the value and editing it.

Once you have finished reconciling your statement click OK. If there is a difference between your balance and the balance provided by the bank, you will be given the opportunity to add an adjusting entry. Selecting Yes will add a balance-adjusting entry in order to make your account reconciled, marking all of those transactions reconciled and cleared. Selecting Finish Later will keep any changes that you made to the transactions but will not mark any of the transactions reconciled.

Unreconciling a Transaction
If you need to unreconcile a transaction at a later date, you can right-click on the transaction from transaction list and select Unreconcile Transaction.