The Regional tab of the Options dialog is where settings specific to your region are set. Some default settings are set automatically according to the location set on your computer. To open the Regional tab, click the Options icon on the toolbar and click the Regional tab.

Regional Format Settings

Currency Symbol:

This is the symbol used for money in your country, such as $.

Currency Name:

This is the name used for money in your country. For example, Dollars or Pounds.

Currency Order:

Use this option to specify if the currency symbol appears before the number (e.g., $10.00) or after the number (e.g., 10.00$).

Currency Digits:

Use this option to set the number of digits after the decimal point. It can be set to zero, one, two or three.

Decimal Symbol:

This is the symbol used for the decimal point; usually a dot everywhere but in Europe, where a comma is used.

Thousands Symbol:

This is the symbol used to separate thousands, usually a comma.

Printed Date Format:

This is the date format used for printing or pdf generation.

Paper Size:

This is the paper size used for pdf generation and when the default printer is used.