Scheduled transactions are used for recurring activities like paychecks or mortgage payments. You can create new scheduled transactions by clicking on the Manage Scheduled Transactions link on the left side of the screen or selecting View Scheduled Transactions from the Manage menu. Scheduled transactions can also be created from existing transactions that were manually entered by right-clicking on the transactions and selecting Make a Scheduled Transaction from the context menu. This last option will take you directly to the Add/Edit Scheduled Transaction dialog, bypassing the Scheduled Transactions list described here.


Click the Add button to open the Add/Edit Scheduled Transaction dialog, which allows you to create a new scheduled transaction.


Click the Delete button to delete the selected scheduled transaction(s).


Click the Edit button to edit the selected scheduled transactions.

Only show overdue transactions

Check this box, located under the bottom left of the list, to only show transactions that are past the due date and need attention.

Skip Transaction

Click the Skip Transaction button, located under the bottom right of the list, to advance the selected scheduled transactions that are due to their next scheduled date without posting a transaction.

Post Transaction

Click the Post Transaction button, located under the bottom right of the list, to create a new transaction from a selected scheduled transactions that is due or past due.

Show old schedules

Use the Show old schedules option to show scheduled transactions that have expired.