The Embroidery layer produces a cross stitch pattern that can be used for embroidery. A new embroidery layer can be created by clicking the Embroidery icon inside of the Tools dropdown in the Effects tab of the toolbar. The effect itself displays a preview of how the image will look when stitched. To do the stitching yourself, you can print out a stitching template.
Control the number of thread colors using the Colors control. Increase this number to have a more accurate representation of your image. Note: the final number of colors used in the stitching template may vary depending on how similar the colors in your image are.
Control the number of stitches using the Stitches control. This determines the number of stitches in every row. Increase this number for a larger and more detailed cross stitching pattern. Note: there is currently no way to adjust the size of individual stitches.
To create the stitching pattern, click the Save to PDF button or Print Stitching Pattern button.