The Paint by Numbers tool produces a paint by numbers template that can be painted in. A new Paint by Numbers layer can be created by clicking the Paint by # icon inside of the Tools dropdown in the Effects tab of the toolbar.
Control the number of paint colors using the Colors control. Increase this number to have a more accurate representation of your image.
Control the amount of detail using the detail slider. Drag the slider to the left for a more realistic representation of the image. Drag the slider to the right for a stylized simplified version of your image.
Control the smoothness of the region contours with the smoothing slider. Drag the slider to the left for sharper and more accurate shapes. Drag the slider to the right for more simplified and smoothed regions.
Output Type
Choose the output type with one of the provided radio buttons:
Original - The original image with no changes applied
Painted - A preview of how the image will look when painted in
Painting Template - The uncolored template to be painted in with outlines of regions and numbers signifying which color of paint to use
Color Key - A list of colors used in the painting template and their associated number
Image, Template, and Colors - All output types combined into a single image
Save - Use the save button to save an image of the current output type
Print - Use the print button to print out the current output type
Create New Image - Creates a new photopad project using the current output type
Reset - Reset the effect back to the default settings