A Text layer is used to insert text into a region on the canvas. The text will be wrapped at the edge of the box, and will not exceed the specified region. A new text layer can be created by clicking the Text icon on the Tools tab of the toolbar.
Text is entered directly into the canvas widget text box. Special effects such as shadow, bevel, and glow will not be rendered until you are done editing and click outside of the text region.
The text region can be moved by dragging the widget edges. It can be resized and rotated with the on-screen widget handles.
Font Settings
Font Face: Use the Font Face pulldown list to select a font. Please note that only true-type fonts can be used.
Font Style: Use the B button for bold, the I button for italics, and the U button for underlined text.
Font Color: Click the Color Button to change the font's color.
Font Size: Use the Font Size number field to enter a font size.
Text Orientation
Use the first set of buttons for Horizontal Alignment: Left, Center, and Right aligned text.
Use the second set of buttons for Vertical Alignment: Top, Center, and Bottom aligned text.

Use the Rotation Handle on the text widget to rotate the text, or use the Rotation input field to specify the text rotation in degrees.

Text Effects
Text Opacity
Use the Opacity: slider to make the text transparent.