Card Generator
To create a Card, click the Card Generator tool-bar button
Paper Options
Use the Size Category pulldown list to choose which set of paper sizes will appear in the Paper Size pulldown list.
Use the Paper Size pulldown list to select the size of the paper you will be printing to. The dimensions of the selected paper size are displayed in the print preview.
Use the Portrait and Landscape radio buttons to choose the orientation of the paper.
Use the Margins control to adjust the minimum padding between your image and the edge of the paper.

Image Options
You may insert an image to your Card. Click Choose an image... button to select the image you want. The image can be rotated using the Rotation buttons.
Check the Fit image to card checkbox to resize the image to the same size as the paper.
Text Options
Add text to your Card by typing in the Edit box.
Change Font Face, Font Style, Font Size and Alignment of your text by clicking
the corresponding buttons
Click the Print button to print the Card.
Click the Cancel button to close the Card Generator dialog without printing.