Upload your PhotoPad artwork to your OneDrive account. To Find this tool, click the OneDrive icon on the Share tab.

This function can help you upload your photos or PhotoPad artwork to your OneDrive account quickly and easily. If your account is not yet linked to PhotoPad, the OneDrive website will be opened in your web browser. This is where you can log in using your credentials or create a new OneDrive account. To complete the upload process, you will need to authorize PhotoPad to connect to your OneDrive account.
Once authorized, you can now start uploading photos by selecting either one of the following options:

Upload Settings
OneDrive provides settings which can be used when uploading images. These can be adjusted through the following controls:
Folder - Specify the folder where the images will be uploaded. If the folder doesn't exist yet, OneDrive will automatically create the folder.
Share Folder - Share the specified folder to a certain email address.
Clear and Forget Logon Details - Can be used to remove PhotoPad's access to your OneDrive account.