Use this feature to apply an auto duck effect to clips that overlap the selected clip.

PhotoStage detects the volume of the clip and applies volume reduction to clips in the background (overlapping clip). It is helpful if you want to lower the music background when a vocal is the main focus and then raise the music background when the vocal is silent.

How to Use

At least 2 audio tracks occupied on the sequence are required to apply the auto ducking effect.

To apply audio auto ducking effect to an audio clip on the sequence, right-click on it and select Suppress Volume of Soundtrack Behind this Sound Clip.

The background clips will be ducked based on the detected volume of the applied audio clip.

Audio Ducking Settings

To configure the Audio Ducking settings, go to Options->Audio tab.

Ducking Attenuation: The amount of attenuation applied when ducking

Ducking fade in length: The length of time over which the ducking is activated

Ducking fade out length: The length of time over which the ducking is released

Ducking Threshold: Ducking is activated when the volume of main sound hits this level