The following settings can be altered to affect the burning process. The ones noted as default are initially selected. All settings are remembered so you do not need to change them between uses of Express Burn

Burn Using Internal Support (default)/Burn using Windows Media Player

In all cases we would recommend using the internal support (the default) and only use Windows Media Player if you experience problems Windows Media Player can be used to burn the CD/DVD for users of Windows XP only.

Burner Drive

Choose the drive you wish to burn to.

For Data CD/DVDs you can also select 'Image File'. This allows you to create and ISO file (eg image.ISO) on your harddrive. This can be later burned using the Advanced option Write ISO image. This feature is only available in Express Burn Plus.

Write Speed

Choose the write speed you desire. Only valid speeds for the drive and media will be displayed.


This is the number of copies of the CD/DVD to burn (defaults to 1).

Use Overburning

If this is selected Express Burn will attempt to write all the files you have specified even if this is longer than the rated size of the CD media. If the burn fails then you should write fewer files.

Erase Rewritables

If you are burning to a rewritable disc (CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, BD-RE) the disc will be automatically erased if you check this option. You may erase a disc using the Burner menu option and the selection Erase Rewritable Disc.

Use default track pause

Burn Session At Once to customize pause

Track Pause

By default an audio CD has a pause of 2 seconds between tracks. Select 'Use default track pause' to use this default pause. If you wish another time, even a value of zero for no pause then select 'Burn Session At Once to customize pause'. Here you should also change the value in 'Track Pause' to the desired amount.

Please note some older drivers do not support customizing the pause and you must use 'Use default track pause'. The burn will fail in this case with an error about setting the write parameters.

If you customize the time Express Burn will perform Session At Once burning and it will decode the audio before burning. This will create a large temporary file on you PC of up to 700Mb. Please be aware of this is you choose to use this option.


For audio discs written Track At Once (ie without customizing the track pause) you can choose to not finalize a disc. You can then add additional tracks at a later time. When you have finished then select the finalize option. Please note some stand-alone players cannot play discs that have not been finalized.

Make Disc Bootable (Data Discs only)

This will create a bootable disc, but you must provide an image of the boot sectors as copywrite prevents us supplying them. This need to be an image of up to 16 sectors from the start of a bootable disc. The file should be an ISO image of 16 2048 byte sectors.