This tab allows you to select the template you wish to use for your menus. The template is previewed in the large area to the right, with some descriptive text below.

Until you click 'Save Menu' no actual changes will take place for the movies menu.

Check for New Templates

Check if any new templates are available for use in creating a menu. This will require an internet connection to do an online check.


This is the caption that will appear at the top of the menu.


This is a second caption that appears at the top of the menu.

Text Alignment:

There are 3 horizontal alignment options for the title and the subtitle: left, center and right.

Menu Preview:

The Prev/Next buttons allow you to select between the possible menus when a 'List' type of template exceeds one page

Background Image Widescreen Fit

Select the aspect ratio mode for the menu’s background image.

Select custom image for this template...

This button allows you the change the background image that appears on the menu. Supported image formats are jpg/jpeg/jpe, png, gif.