The Adjust your slide dialog is different depending on what type of slide you have selected. To open the Adjust your slide dialog, click on the length of time (for example, '3.0') written below the slide you want to adjust.

Images and Photos:

If you have selected an image, the Adjust your slide dialog will have these controls:

Blank Clip, Gradient and Pattern:

Aside from the controls for Images and Photos, the following options can be used to switch between blank clip types:


If you have selected a video, you will have these controls:


To open the Adjust Media dialog for a sound file, right click it and choose Adjust Duration. If you have selected a sound file, you will have these controls:

When you have finished adjusting your media, press the Apply button to save your changes and close the dialog. If Amplify has been applied, the effect will be added to the track effects list and the amplify settings will be reset.

Opening the Adjust your slide dialog from the media tab will include an Add and Apply option, which will save your changes and automatically add the slide to the timeline.