Use the Quick Create dialog to quickly create a slideshow using a folder of images. You can open the Quick Create dialog by pressing the Wizard button on the toolbar.

To create a slideshow using the Quick Create dialog, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the folder of images you want to use by clicking the Browse button at the top of the dialog.
  2. Decide whether to include any folders inside the main folder you specified in the last step. If you want to include all the folders inside the main folder, check the Include Subfolders box.
  3. You can also include the files already added inside the media bin by checking the Include Media Bin box.
  4. If you want, you can change which images from the selected folder will be added. To select which images will be used, press the Select button. (By default, all images and videos from the selected folder will be added.)
  5. Choose how long you want each image to display for in the Default input inside Image Display Length group.
  6. Alternatively, after you have selected a sound file below you can select the Fit all images to soundtrack option, which will automatically adjust your images so they will end at the same time as your sound file.
  7. Choose a sound file if you would like. If you want to use one from the NCH sound library, choose Use audio from NCH Sound Library from the Sound drop-down list. Otherwise choose Use an audio file from my computer to add a sound file you have stored on your computer. Alternatively you can select Use all in sound folder to select a folder containing sound clips to be imported in the slideshow. The last option is Use all in image folder, this option will import all the sound clips found in the selected image folder in the slideshow.
  8. If you want to add a theme to your slideshow select one from the drop-down list. In the Background Theme dialog you will be able to preview the images used as background images, select the Intro / Outro Title text to be used in the first / last sequence clips that will be added to the slideshow.
  9. Enter the duration and select a transition type from the drop-down list, or select the Randomize checkbox to use random transitions. The transition will be applied to change between one image and the next.
  10. Press Create to finish creating your slideshow. If Save slideshow after creation was checked, your video will be exported straight away.