There are two ways of accessing the NCH Sound Library:

Once you have opened the Sound Library, you will see the following controls:

  1. A list of folders on the left side: Each folder represents a category of sounds. Click one to either open a list of subfolders, or display the sounds in the main list view.
  2. The main list view: This will be empty until you have selected a category. Once you have selected a category and sounds are displayed, you can click one in this list to select it.
  3. Preview Sound area: To preview a sound, select one from the main list view, then press the play button to hear it. When you have finished, press Stop.
  4. Download button: To download a sound, select it from the main list view then click the Download button.

When you press the download button, the sound will be downloaded (if it is not already) and added to the media list in your project. If you opened the Sound Library by right-clicking the audio track area, the sound will automatically be added to the slideshow where you have clicked.

You can also add the sound to the slideshow by dragging it from the media list to the slideshow.