Image Conversion

There are a number of file formats that are supported in Pixillion. These formats are as follows:

Format Extensions Windows Mac OS X Pixillion Plus Required Notes
Adobe Photoshop Document *.psd Read & WriteRead & WriteYesLayers are not maintained.
Adobe Photoshop Large Document file *.psb Read--Layers are not maintained.
Adobe Portable Format *.pdf Read & WriteRead & Write--
Adobe Illustrator Format *.ai ReadReadYesUse thumbnail if not PDF compatible file
Apple AAE sidecar file *.aae ReadRead-Read the JPEG file corresponding to AAE
AVID TARGA *.tga Read & Write Read & Write
(10.5 and above)
DjVu *.djvu Read---
Direct Draw Surface *.dds Read---
Encapsulated PostScript *.eps Write---
Graphics Interchange Format *.gif Read & WriteRead & Write--
High Efficiency Image File Format *.heic *.heif ReadRead-Support only still images.
Joint Photographic Experts Group *.jpeg;*.jpg Read & WriteRead & Write--
JPEG File Interchange Format *.jfif ReadRead-Read as JPEG file
Joint Photographic Experts Group 2000 *.jp2 Read & WriteRead & Write--
JPEG Stereoscopic *.jps ReadReadYes-
JPEG Extended Range *.wdp;*.hdp;*.jxr Read & Write--Also known as Microsoft HD Photo or Windows Media Photo.
Maya Image File Format *.iff Read & WriteRead & Write-Z-Buffer is not maintained.
Windows Document *.docx WriteWrite--
Microsoft Bitmap *.bmp;*.dib;*.rl4;*.rl8 Read & WriteRead & Write-Only read for *rl4 and *.rl8
Microsoft Icon *.ico Read & Write
Write (10.5 and above)
MPO *.mpo ReadReadYes-
OpenEXR *.exr Read---
Personal Computer eXchange *.pcx Read & WriteRead & Write--
Portable Network Graphics *.png Read & WriteRead & Write--
Portable Pixmap *.pbm;*.pgm;*.ppm;*.pnm Read & WriteRead & WriteYes-
Progressive Graphics File *.pgf Read & WriteRead & WriteYes-
Raw Camera Output *.arw;*.cr2;*.cr3;*.crw; *.dcr;*.dng;*.erf;*.kdc; *.mef;*.mos;*.mrw;*.nef; *.nrw;*.orf;*.pef;*.ptx; *.r3d;*.raf;*.raw;*.rw2; *.sr2;*.srf;*.srw;*.x3f ReadRead--
Sun Raster *.ras Read & WriteRead & WriteYes-
SVG *.svg;*.svgz Read & WriteRead & Write-Masking is not maintained
Tagged Image File Format *.tiff;*.tif Read & WriteRead & Write--
WebP *.webp Read & Write Read & Write
(10.5 and above)
YesAlso support animated WebP
Windows Metafile *.wmf;*.emf;*.emz Read & Write ---
Wireless Bitmap *.wbmp Read & WriteRead & WriteYes-
eXperimental Computing Facility *.xcf Read---