This feature allows you to copy the folder structure (folders and their subfolders) of your base folder into another location. This is ideal for if you want to convert your entire image library, including its folder structure, to a new location.

Choose base folder to mirror

Click this checkbox if you want the folders that contain the files you have added to Pixillion to be copied with the newly converted files.

When you hit the convert button a window will open asking you to choose your base folder to copy. This folder needs to contain (at some point) all the files you have added to Pixillion for conversion. For example, if you have added all the files in C:\MyImages\school\albums\ your choices for base folder would be MyImages, school and albums.

The new base folder and all its subfolders will be copied to the output location you have specified in the output field in Pixillion. So if your output folder has been set to C:\Documents\Converted Images\ and you specify your base folder as C:\MyImages the converted files will be copied to C:\Documents\Converted Images\MyImages.. with the folders that contain your image files being recreated there.