General Options


You can choose whether to see the Recording Settings Wizard every time you open PlayPerfect. If your setup rarely changes then you can deselect this checkbox. To run the wizard at any time, go to the Tools tab, and click on 'Wizard'.

Practice Recordings

PlayPerfect records every practice session, but after a while these recordings can start to take up a lot of space. To deal with this, your oldest recordings will be automatically deleted when your recordings library takes up more than the amount of space you choose here. As a rough guide, one minute of recording takes up one megabyte of space. Note that you can choose to keep specific recordings forever, in which case they will not be automatically deleted. See the Recordings section for how to do this.

MIDI Playback Device

This is an advanced configuration option that allows you to select an alternative MIDI playback device. MIDI is used when PlayPerfect plays a piece for you. By default the built-in MIDI player will be used, but you can select an external device, such as an electronic piano, if you have one. If you do select an external device then make sure you also set that device as Windows' default playback device, or it won't work.