Once you have selected a piece from the library, you can start practicing the piece. Click the Practice button, wait for the metronome count-in, and then start practicing. As you practice, the cursor will show where you are up to, and the notes will change color to show whether you got them right or wrong. You can choose to practice with or without the metronome. If you play a piece all the way to the end then you will get a Performance Report.


Click the stop button during a practice session to stop practicing.


Click the restart button during a practice session to start again.

Starting in the Middle

If you want to start part-way through a piece, click on the first note you would like to play before clicking the Practice button.

Practicing a Section

If you only want to practice one section of the piece, then move the blue 'practice scope' brackets to encompass that section. To move the brackets, simply click and drag them to where you want them to be.