Performance Reports

When you finish practicing a piece you will get a performance report showing your score and statistics. You can open this report later from the Practice History window. You can listen to the recording of the performance, save it somewhere else, or email it to someone.

Keeping the Performance Recording Forever

PlayPerfect will delete old recordings to make sure that they don't use up too much disk space (see Recordings). To make sure this doesn't happen to this recording, check the 'Keep Performance Recording Forever in Library' box. This will exempt this recording from automatic deletion.

Playing the Performance Recording

If the recording for the performance is still available, then you can listen to it by clicking on the 'Play Performance' button in the Performance Report.

Saving the Performance Recording

To save the MP3 recording of this performance to somewhere outside of the PlayPerfect library (like your music collection!), click on the 'Save Performance' button. You will be prompted for a place to save it.

Emailing the Performance Recording

To email the recording to someone, click on the 'Email Performance' button. You will be prompted for an email address to send it to, and you may need to configure a way to send the email. By default it will be sent using your default email client.