This option allows you to edit, resize the output video, and alter its frame rate.

Resize Video

First, tick the checkbox 'Resize Video' to change the size of the output video. You can decrease the size of the output video by decreasing the Width and Height of the video. Selecting the radio button 'Crop...' will resize the video by cutting off the edges to the specified size. Selecting the radio button 'Shrink...' will shrink the entire picture to the desired size.

Change Frame Rate

Tick the 'Change Frame Rate' checkbox to change the frame rate. A video displays a certain number of frames per second (normally 23.98, 25 or 29.97). You may change this to either convert from one to the other or to just reduce file size. Please note there are generally noticeable effects in the smoothness of the video, particularly in panning scenes when you change the frame rate.

Also note that the MPG and DV formats have frame rate settings that cannot be changed.

.mpg = 23.98 fps

.dv (NTSC) = 29.97 fps

.dv (PAL) = 25 fps