The Video Effects dialog allows you to add effects to your video and make simple edits before converting. Open the Video Effects dialog by clicking the Effects button at the bottom of Prism's main screen.

Color Change

Text Caption

Note: Any text added will appear for the entire duration of the video.

Rotate and Flip


Edit Video

On the Edit Video tab are tools to trim, split and crop your video. On the right of the dialog you will see a video player with a timeline and play control buttons:

Trim. To trim your video drag Start and End markers to the desired output video positions. The Start marker is red and the End marker is blue. Pressing the OK button will apply the trim effect and close the dialog. Your output video will contain only the selected video region. The following buttons are related to the Trim tool:

Split. To split your video, set the video player cursor position to the desired split position and press the Split (Ctrl + S) button. Two new files will be added to the Prism Main Dialog and to your output folder in the same format as the original video. They will be named filename_1, filename_2, etc. If you want to trim and split your video, you need to select the trim region (set Start and End markers before clicking the Split button. The video will always be split into 2, if you want to split a video into more than 2 sections, you will need to split the video created by your first split into additional segments.

Crop. Use crop to remove a border from an image clip, black bars from a video or to focus on a portion of your video. To crop the video, adjut the Left (X1), Top (Y1), Right (X2) or Bottom (Y2) parameters by moving the sliders to crop pixels from that edge of the clip. Use the Restraint dropdown if you want to select the aspect ratio of your video and maintain those proportions while cropping. The dotted border on the preview will display the crop. The crop will be applied to your converted video. You can also edit the crop on the preview. Hover your mouse over one of the squares in the border, it will be come a double-sided arrow, then click and drag to adjust the borders. To move the crop, place the mouse in the middle of the cropped area and it will become a four-sided arrow, click and drag to move the cropped area.

For additional video editing tools, we recommend that you try VideoPad Video Editor by clicking on the Edit your video now link. Designed to be intuitive, VideoPad is a fully featured video editor for creating professional quality videos in minutes. Making movies has never been easier.