Files and Formats

From the Files and Formats section, you can specify what happens if you tell Prism to convert a file to the same format it is already in (i.e., from avi to avi).

The options are:

Delete Source file after conversion

Tick this checkbox if you would like Prism to remove the source file after successful conversion.

Delete partially converted temporary files (when canceling conversion)

Tick this checkbox if you would like Prism to delete the temporary output files if the conversion process is canceled.

Truncate audio track at the end of video so that video/audio have same duration

Ticking this checkbox guarantees converted video/audio track will have same length. If you want the whole audio track to be processed instead of being truncated to the end of video, please un-tick it.

Video converted from still image should have a duration of

The number here, in seconds, is the duration that still images will be given when converted to any video format.


From the Errors section, specify what to do if an error is detected during the conversion process.

The options are:

Decoder Options
Use FFMPEG decoder

You can set up Prism to use its own built-in codec instead of DirectShow to decode the file. Sometimes this can help to decode files that can't be properly decoded by DirectShow. If this option is selected, you will be prompted to download the required codec component from the NCH website.

Use lossless transcoding where possible (experimental)

When the lossless transcoding feature is enabled, Prism will attempt to move compressed video data from the source file format to the destination output format directly without reencoding. This process is much faster and the video quality is better in the end. Unfortunately, the process is very unpredictable. The option is marked experimental because the best way to tell if the process works for a particular file conversion is to try it.

Note that video options and effects are not applied when lossless transcoding takes place.

Ask me to select audio track when required

When converting files containing two audio streams, select this option to be prompted for which stream to keep.

DVD preferred language

Select your preferred language for DVD content. Prism will use this setting to pick a language when converting DVDs.

Here are the codes for the most popular languages: